daughter, sister, auntie, fiance, friend, DIY crafter, overly-organized dork, fast food enthusiast, and (most importantly for you) a photographer

Hi there, I'm Kelsey.

I have happily spent six years of my life perfecting my practice and dream of becoming a professional lifestyle portrait photographer. From photographing clients at the age of sixteen, completing two photography internships, and four years of education, I have made it. I am ready. Thank you for considering my talents in photography. My hard work and dedication to my practice is all for you. 

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I look at life one moment at a time. My photos work towards capturing those unexpected, simple, and magical moments. My time with you is spent getting to know the beauty of you and who you love. As a lifestyle photographer, I am naturally drawn to moments where everyone in the frame is engaged with those around them - smiling, being goofy, hugging, kissing, and just being themselves. I strive for these types of interactions during a session with you. It is perfectly okay for no one to be looking at me, as those always turn out to be my favorite photographs from your session. Why? You (and whoever you are with) are being true to who you are. I am one to believe that my role as a photographer is to not to turn you into someone else for a few hours, but to capture and showcase your honest character. If you are looking for extremely posed, highly edited photographs - I am not your girl. Don't you fret, though! I will be sure to grab many where you are posed, smiling, and looking at the camera.


I began college at Vincennes University, earning my associate's degree in photography. I then moved on to complete my bachelor's degree in photography at the Herron School of Art + Design in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I am mostly known for my crazy-orderly organization, my contagious smile, warm heart, and the moments I have captured for others.

I absolutely adore black and white photographs.


The things I am most passionate about in life are family, my fiance, friends, and friends so close that they are family.

I am the godmother of my precious two year old niece, Hallie.


peanut butter cookies


McDonald's sweet tea


my dog Briscoe


white chocolate mocha


summer drives

Kentucky Wildcats Basketball

Chris Stapleton

playing euchre

the color yellow


I want to give clients the opportunity to remember a collection of moments for as long as they live. I have one of the greatest powers of all -  freezing time. The idea that I can pause a life for a second empowers my work. Each second in my sessions matter. I want to give a father a photo that he keeps in his wallet to show off to someone in the grocery store. I want to make a grandma smile at a great photo of all of her grandchildren. I want to witness the amount of love that can exist between two souls. The only way I am able to do that is by people like you taking the time to read this or consider my work as a photographer. You, whoever you are, cherish those around you so much that you want to invest and trust a photographer like me to capture whom you cannot live without.

My reason for what I do is truly you. 

My Parents, Brad + Carolyn

2016 | Vincennes University Graduation | Vincennes, IN