I look at life one moment at a time. My photos work towards capturing those unexpected, simple, and magical moments. My time with you is spent getting to know the beauty of you and who you love. As a lifestyle photographer, I am naturally drawn to moments where everyone in the frame is engaged with those around them - smiling, being goofy, hugging, kissing, and just being themselves. I strive for these types of interactions during a session with you. More often than not, my favorite photos from a session are those when I didn't adjust my settings or pose my clients. They are the ones taken after I felt the sudden need to whip around to look at the mother and son waiting for their turn. Why? You (and whoever you are with) are being true to who you are - not posed or paying attention, but smiling like no one is watching. THOSE are the smiles I look for and try my best to capture. I am one to believe that my role as a photographer is to not to turn you into someone else for a few hours, but to capture and showcase the real you. 


Sessions are seen as a time to have as much fun as possible. As a person, I am very outgoing and hardly ever shy, so don't get "weirded" out if I ask your family to play tag, call for "big hugs", or ask everyone to run towards me as I'm laying on the ground. Although I know many poses, I am not one to tell you exactly how you should put your hand or how your legs should go. I get to know my clients in the beginning of a session with a few "go-to" poses depending on the session type. I provide more guidance and instruction for those clients who I feel need it. If I don't say much behind the camera, it means you are doing great without instruction. (sometimes doing your own thing is just as beautiful) However, I am not afraid to tell you that you have something in your teeth or that you should probably do something different with your arm. I am a talker and a giggler, so there usually isn't much silence in a session. (where you like that or not) The more fun we have, the more comfortable I see my clients behaving, which then leads to the best photos.


Don't be alarmed or take offense when I show up to your session in a work t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. I plan on being very mobile during a session in clothes I don't mind to get dirty. The chances of me rolling on the ground, standing in mud, and running around with your children during a session are very, very high. I don't want my nice blouse and expensive shoes to stand in the way of getting the perfect shot!


When it comes to shooting a session, I shoot the majority outdoors. I do not have an established indoor photography studio. (yet) The only sessions I regularly schedule indoors are events and newborns. However, I am always up for shooting in new locations. I've scheduled sessions in wheat fields, abandon houses, pumpkin patches, barns, and gravel roads in the middle of nowhere. Don't want to leave your front yard? Shooting at your home is always an option! As a matter of fact, I love having family sessions at their homes. If you have a killer spot where you would love to have your session, all you have to do is ask!


My prop collection ranges from wooden chairs, children's chairs, plush chairs, frames, suitcases, benches, blankets, buckets, baskets, etc. (Getting new props is a breeze when my mom owns and operates two antique booths.) Once I understand what my clients intend on wearing to their session, I will bring whatever props I feel will suit their session the best. If you are scheduling a more "prop" orientated session (say a cake smash or newborn session) I will happily discuss any desired themes. I am always up for making my prop selection grow!


I am currently scheduling shoots Monday - Saturday. I schedule according to the placement of the sun in the sky - usually around 9:00 - 10:00 AM or 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Evening is the BEST! (in my opinion) This time frame lengthens over the summer and shrinks as it gets colder. I will occasionally shoot around the middle of the day at a client's request after reminding them how the change in lighting (with the sun almost directly overhead) will affect how the images are lit. Unforeseen weather (heat, rain, cold, wind, etc.) will cause the shoot to be rescheduled for another time.