How many images are included in a session?

My sessions will never be priced with an image limit, meaning if you "book this kind of session you will only get 20 images back". The number of images in the session will vary, depending on how well the session goes. Usually (excluding weddings) my clients get back around 100 images for mini sessions and 150 - 200 images for full sessions. This number always varies.

How do I view my gallery?

Kelsey Wolfe Photography uses the gallery delivery service Shootproof. All galleries are sent to each client as a link. You must use that link to view your gallery. It is not located on my website. If you are needing to find it again, simply ask and I will resend it to you. If you are hoping to view someone else's gallery, you must ask them personally for the link.

Where are you located?

I currently live in Lawrenceville, Illinois with no studio location. (yet) With this being said, traveling to you is not an issue. If the planned location is more than 45 minutes away from my home, a $25.00 fee will be added to the cost of your session. 

Do you have a studio?

A studio building doesn't have my name on it right now. I do have lighting and backdrop equipment suitable to photograph children on. It would only require a large area in your home to set up in!

What if the weather is bad?

Unforeseen weather (heat, rain, cold, wind, etc.) will cause the shoot to be rescheduled for another time. I will do my absolute best to get you back into my schedule in a place that is best for you. PLEASE RIDE THE WEATHER FORECAST OUT FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. The radar and predictions are constantly changing. I strongly encourage clients not to reschedule their session days in advance because of what the weather is saying. It most often changes. I understand that it takes time to prepare for a session, so I make the rescheduling call hours before you would even start to get ready. (the same day of your session) If the forecast looks bad, you will be hearing from me the day before or early in the morning the day of your session. If you are the one to decide to reschedule your Saturday session the Monday before and it ends up being nice enough anyways, I cannot guarantee the same time and day that was originally scheduled.

Where do you like to shoot?

When it comes to shooting a session, I prefer to shoot outdoors. However, I am always up for shooting in new locations. Locations I regularly shoot at are Red Hills State Park in Sumner, Illinois and Wabash Trails in Vincennes, Indiana. Shooting in new areas and locations is never boring - I've scheduled sessions in wheat fields, abandon houses, pumpkin patches, barns, and gravel roads in the middle of nowhere. Don't want to leave your front yard? Shooting at your home is always an option! As a matter of fact, I love having family sessions at their homes. If you have a killer spot where you would love to have your session, all you have to do is ask!

Do you require a deposit or cancellation fee?

I only require a deposit when booking wedding dates. A cancellation fee of $50.00 will be requested when a client cancels their session within 48 hours of the session date due to personal reasons not related to illness or family emergency out of the client's control. (ie: forgot the date and time, "just because", etc.) If a session is cancelled due to weather within a 48 hours notice, no cancellation fee will be collected. 

Do you shoot everyday of the week?

Throughout the week, my schedule is open for one evening session each day except Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, I schedule a morning session and an evening session each day. 

When do you schedule sessions?

I schedule according to the placement of the sun in the sky - usually around 9:00 - 10:00 AM or 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. This time frame lengthens over the summer and shrinks as it gets colder. In my opinion, evening is the best. I will occasionally shoot around the middle of the day at a client's request after reminding them how the change in lighting (with the sun almost directly overhead) will affect how the images are lit.

What props do you have? Do you bring any to sessions?

I have collected a good variety of props over the years I have been a photographer - from couches, chairs, wooden chairs, baskets, buckets, blankets, etc. Once I see what my clients plan to wear, I will bring what props I think will work best for the outcome of the session. If a more thought out theme is requested (say for a cake smash or one year shoot) I will bring more props and gather them as needed.

How do you prefer payment?

Checks or cash is preferred. Please make checks out to Kelsey Whittaker. I also have Facebook Pay via my personal Facebook account that can be used. 

Do you offer payment plans? If so, what kinds?

The "Journey to One" and "My First Year" children packages both have payment options, as well as the wedding packages. With the children packages, you may either do one of the following for each package: pay half up front ($250) and the remaining half at the last session, or pay $125 at each session. After the deposit is paid for a wedding, you may pay periodically as you are able as long as I have received the FULLY AGREED UPON AMOUNT by the day of your wedding.

Still have questions?

I would love to answer them for you!