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How do you prefer payment?

Checks or cash is preferred. Please make checks out to Kelsey Whittaker. I also have Facebook Pay via my personal Facebook account that can be used or Venmo. (username: kwolfephotography)

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How many images are included in a session?

My sessions will never be priced with an image limit, meaning if you "book this kind of session you will only get 20 images back". The number of images in the session will vary, depending on how well the session goes. The number always varies from client to client. Sessions normally result in around 50 images for mini sessions and 150 images for full sessions.

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How do I view my gallery?

Kelsey Wolfe Photography uses the gallery delivery service Shootproof. All galleries are sent to each client as a link. You must use that link to view your gallery. It is not located on my website. If you are needing to find it again, simply ask and I will resend it to you. If you are hoping to view someone else's gallery, you must ask them personally for the link.

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How do I download the images from the online gallery to my phone?

Pull up the link to your gallery and enter the correct email address if prompted. Click on what image you plan to save to your phone, and then click on the download button. Enter in the correct PIN number if prompted, and select original. The image will now be in your “Downloads” gallery that can be found in your “Files” folder. Click on the image again, and then click the little square and arrow to save the image to your phone.

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Is my online gallery private?

Yes, each online gallery is only accessible to those who know the email address you provided or the PIN number you selected. I will never provide this information to anyone with the gallery owner's permission. 

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Do you shoot everyday of the week?

Throughout the week, my schedule is open for one evening session each day except Monday. On Saturday and Sunday,
I schedule a morning session and an evening session each day. Stay in touch on Facebook for weekly and daily scheduling updates!

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How do you handle the possibility of bad weather?

I highly suggest that clients RIDE THE WEATHER FORECAST OUT FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. The radar and predictions are constantly changing. I also strongly encourage clients not to reschedule their session days in advance because of what the weather is saying. If the forecast looks bad, you will be hearing from me the day before or early in the morning the day of your session to discuss options. I understand that it takes time to prepare for a session, so if rescheduling seems best, I call it hours before you would even start to get ready. (the same day of your session)

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What if the weather is bad?

Unforeseen weather (heat, rain, cold, wind, etc.) will cause the shoot to be rescheduled for another time if and only if you do not wish to move your session to my studio. If this is the case, I will do my absolute best to get you back into my schedule in a place that is best for you. Moving the session to my studio is always an option, as well.

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When do you schedule sessions?

For outdoor sessions, I schedule according to the placement of the sun in the sky - usually around 9:00 - 10:00 in the morning or 4:00 PM to 5:00 in the evening. This time frame lengthens over the summer and shrinks as it gets colder. In my opinion, evening time during golden hour is the best. (golden hour is the timeframe when the sun just begins to set over the horizon) The only studio session with set scheduling hours is newborns - they are scheduled during the week in the mornings. 

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Are you at the studio all day everyday?

I am not at my studio all day. All of my editing takes place in my home office, currently. 

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What is your average turnaround time for galleries?

My turnaround time when I am all caught up is no longer than four weeks. Weddings always have a turnaround time of around eight to ten weeks. Stay in touch on Facebook for any up-to-date changes in turnaround times.

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What is the best way to get ahold of you?

If you are reaching out to schedule a session, please do one of the following: send an email, send a message to Kelsey Wolfe Photography on Facebook, or my cell phone is always a great option. Any messages sent to my personal Facebook account regarding sessions will be replied back to with a generalized message asking to send the message to my business account. For more information, click here.

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