Family sessions are meant to be a time of joy, and adding children into the mix always seems to help. I encourage families to be goofy with each other and most importantly to be themselves. I have photographed families playing tag, having a paint fight, and enjoying time on their boat. Parents will receive a variety of images from their session with me - whether the kiddos are running away from me, giggling, playing with their parents, or posing nicely with siblings. I strive to create the most beautiful and true moments to hang in your home, even if that means no one is looking at the camera.


When it comes down to photographing the kiddos, I am one to strongly encourage the idea of play and adventure - those mid-motion running shots, playing in a huge puddle, and eating candy. I come to a session loaded with patience and understanding, fully embracing that every child is different. Some smile right away, some only want to run away, and some need to take the time to warm up to me little bit. Any is perfect and expected. You will always hear me talking to each child and trying to get them to laugh. Nothing will ever beat a photo of a child truly laughing.  

I understand just how much two people can care about each other. I love capturing a couple when they remain focused on one another - during a sweet kiss on the forehead, a beautiful hug, or romantic pose. These sessions are also meant for FUN and totally acceptable PDA. Seeing two people so comfortable with one another during a session makes my heart and my camera smile. My biggest hope in a couple or engagement session is to build that photographer-client relationship. I so strongly want to become that person who is there for you every step of the way in your relationship - anniversaries, your first child, adding fur children, all the birthdays, etc. I get so excited watching all of my couples grow together while standing behind the camera.


Senior year is a time of stress, research papers, school spirit, and the totally expected "senioritis". A session with me will most definitely make you forget about all the stress and make you excited to tackle the future that lies ahead of you. I fully intend on not only capturing your authentic sense of personality during your session, but gaining a friendship also. You should love your senior photos, and I will do my best to make sure of it. I love when seniors showcase how unique they are. From taking photos of seniors with their four wheelers, art supplies, sports equipment, show pigs, and records - I've seen it all and am up for anything. The more unique, the better! Go ahead, figure up your outfits, ideal locations, and let's chat!


Newborns symbolize a growing family, endless love, and hundreds of smiles. Documenting a day within the first couple of weeks of life is an amazing experience, especially while doing so in the baby's first home. All newborn sessions take place within the client's home. Witnessing the amount of love two individuals can have for something so tiny is beyond incredible, and having the opportunity to capture it is priceless. Backdrop equipment, backgrounds, lights, blankets, fabrics, swaddles, wraps, greenery, buckets, baskets, and posing materials are all included and used during a shoot.


Have a beautiful bundle of joy on the way? Let me help you celebrate! I adore showing off your bump, any accessories you have already purchased for the little one, and of course the nervously excited dad-to-be. Maternity sessions are all about showing the joy and excitement of the parents and siblings preparing themselves to welcome a new life into the world. Seeing all of the expecting momma's-to-be so proud of the way they look is beyond inspiring and absolutely gorgeous. Your maternity session should revolve around your health and wellbeing. Schedule your session when you know you will still feel great and confident in your own skin. 


Weddings are some of the most celebrated days in a person's life. Planning a wedding day can feel incredibly stressful, but knowing that you'll have moments to last a laugh time should not. I plan to capture all of those little moments and big emotions - the sincere smile on your mom's face as she watches you put on your earrings, a close up of the jewel in your bouquet that belonged to your grandmother, and of course all the pictures of your significant other as you walk down the aisle. Let's face it, it all happens so fast and then it's simply gone. Full wedding packages do not and will never have an hour limit. You tell me where to be and when. I'll be there for you all day.