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Terms & Conditions

Session pricing never includes an image limit. The number of images per session varies for each client. All session prices include digital files that can be accessed via email as a digital download. Each client receives a print release for all photos from every session or package. Flash drives will only be available if listed in the price or upon request. Requested flash drives are an additional cost of $25 per flash drive. Fees could apply if a session goes over the time limit listed in the pricing guide. The time it takes to travel to a location counts towards the allotted time. Pay an additional fee of $25 to stop any travel time accumulations when you plan to have a session with multiple locations. Additional fees could apply if I am requested to drive to an initial location farther than 45 minutes away from my studio address. The cancellation of your session within 48 hours prior to the session and due to a non-reasonable event or excuse will result in a cancellation fee.


All images remain copyrighted to Kelsey Wolfe Photography.

All prices are subject to change.

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